Patient Testimonials

"My young daughter has made AMAZING progress. She showed no progress at all under the care of her previous speech therapists. I'm very grateful for Dr. Julie and her expert skills that made this possible."


"My son has a learning disability and has struggled with reading. Dr. Julie was able to catch my child up to grade level, and now he loves to read books at home. We love Dr. Julie!"


"Dr. Julie cares about the families she treats. Her compassionate delivery is a refreshing compliment to her plan of care."


"My 12 year old started with Mrs. Julie about 2 years ago. He suffered from ADHD, a severe speech impediment and reading comprehension. When we were introduced to Mrs. Julie, we were blown away with the knowledge and techniques she provided us. My son was on a very low reading level and after he started learning the different techniques his reading levels improved tremendously, and let me just say this built his confidence about reading. Now, after working 3 times a week, his speech has improved and his attentiveness has improved. She has been such a huge support in and out of her office "she is an all around gal" she makes contact with his teacher on an as-needed basis, she helps with his homework, and always shows up to conferences when asked. The wrap-around service is great!"

Vero Beach Florida

"I had to seek therapy of a speech language pathologist following the results of a stroke. My language, cognitive writing ability, and thought processes were diminished to the point of possibly losing my professional work as clergy. My son connected me with Dr. Freiwald. She began working with me from the basics of thinking through word skills, developing language, and bringing back to the point of preaching. From my stroke I still suffer from fatigue, but through Dr. Freiwald's patience, skill as a speech-language pathologist, and kind therapist, I am confident in what I will achieve as she works with me. Her friendly character and smile encourages patients who are in need of her help, and I know she will touch the lives of many others."

Rev. Russell Moore
Sebastian Florida

"Excellence with deep compassion."

Anonymous Patient
Sebastian Florida

"As my clinical fellowship supervisor, Dr. Julie taught me the art of diagnostic test interpretation and how to explain results to parents. She took time to make sure I understood not only which treatment approaches were best for each client, but also Why those approaches were the best. Dr. Julie is a wealth of information, and a natural teacher. I continue to consult her for both treatment and testing guidance on a wide variety of clients."

Amy Barrett, M.S., CCC-SLP

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