Stuttering (Fluency disorders)

Vero Beach speech pathologist Dr. Julianne Freiwald has been helping patients overcome stuttering disorders since 1982.

Stuttering occurs as “normal disfluency” in young children, and often is treated best by not paying attention to it or reinforcing it in any way. If the stuttering worsens and/or is present with struggle behaviors, frustration or total blocks where nothing is voiced, then it would be necessary to treat early on. If the individual is still stuttering from age five forward, it is best to consult with a speech-language pathologist. Along with children, adults are also treated for stuttering disorders. These language-based disfluencies are often termed as cluttering, and can also be treated by speech-language pathologists as sometimes there are neurogenic stuttering patterns that follow neurological incidences.

If you would like help overcoming stuttering, call Vero Beach speech pathologist Dr. Julie Freiwald at 772-584-3705 for a consultation.