Vero Speech Pathology is pleased to offer these resources:

The American Speech-Language Hearing Association:

Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD):

Autism Speaks:

The American Academy of Audiology:

Angels Reach Foundation:

National Aphasia Association:

Non-profit organization devoted to assisting people with aphasia and their families. Its online offerings include fact sheets on aphasia, support group listings…

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Resources:

The most comprehensive site for traumatic brain injury information, traumatic brain injury resources, awareness, prevention of a traumatic brain injury, tbi…

Learning Disabilities of America:

Gander Publishing - Welcome to Lindamood-Bell

Lindamood-Bell® Learning Processes is committed to helping all individuals learn to their potential. Since 1986, Lindamood-Bell has been a leader in the...

*Disclaimer: While Dr. Freiwald is not employed by Lindamood Bell Association, she has been extensively trained in using their approach for literacy.