Welcome to Vero Speech Pathology

Looking for a Speech Pathologist in Vero Beach? Dr. Julie is a speech-language pathologist with a specialty in reading and literacy, learning disabilities, developmental delays, stuttering, apraxia, intellectual disabilities, autistic spectrum, speech impairments, tongue thrusting and ankyloglossia (shortened lingual frenulum…tissue under tongue sometimes referred as tongue-tied), receptive and expressive language impairments, recovery from stroke or brain pathology, aphasia, apraxia, word finding problems (anomia), and other related disorders.

During the past 34 years, Dr. Julie has treated patients with Down Syndrome and other genetic syndromes, symptoms related to the AIDS virus, traumatic brain injury, patients in coma from near drowning and open and closed head injury.

Comprehensive evaluations are provided as well as treatment. Please call for a FREE consultation.

Home visits are available in the Vero Beach area if medically necessary.

Dr. Julie provides parent training and attends Vero Beach area school meetings as an advocate for your child.

Selected insurances Accepted.